All the Fun of Tulipmania on the Blockchain, Finally!

We're creating a decentralized Tulip farming platform on the blockchain! Prices are rising, and could very well continue forever?  Sign up for early access to Cryptulips!


Own Tulips That Live on the Block Chain

Tulips are indivisible and will live forever on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of an ERC-721 Token.  


Breed and Sell Unique Tulips

Tulips all have their own unique "genes" and by polinating them with others you'll be able to create new tulip seeds (no bulbs here I'm afraid) that you can grow!


Rez Khan, PhD


Before becoming a blockchain developer, Rez had a successful track record as a research scientist. He then worked as a data scientist in machine learning and cybersecurity. Rez continues to apply a scientific mindset to his technology work always considering multiple perspectives.

He is also a published author of multiple peer-reviewed papers in brain imaging, signal modeling, and computational neuroscience, holding a PhD in physics from the University of Texas at Austin. He previously received a master’s degree in computational physics for the study of gravitational waves from black hole collisions.

Nick Geoca


Nick’s initial interest in bitcoin came as an investor in 2013. After losing a significant sum of money in the Mt. Gox incident, Nick realized how important transparency and security are in the cryptocurrency world. He would later leave a successful career in embedded systems engineering to pursue blockchain development. In 2016 he began writing smart contracts for companies exploring the Ethereum blockchain, specifically in crowdfunding.

He is an active participant in open source ethereum dapp development frameworks such as transmute and machine learning using the Google tensorflow framework. He is currently developing functional programming libraries in blockchain virtual machine design and formal verification for smart contracts.

Armen Suny

Glorified Gofer

Armen is a full stack web developer that has been dabbling in blockchain investments since people were freaking out about BTC hitting $100. When he's not staring angrily at code he's riding bikes or staring angrily at a piece of fiction he's writing. Nine times out of ten you can bet that he's staring angrily at something.

“It didn’t mean tulip bulbs were a good investment, as was disproved in February 1637, as no doubt you recall.”

Paul Donovan, the global chief economist at UBS